From the bustling streets of Jozi to the scenic canals of Amsterdam, get ready to experience the incredible journey of creativity and discovery as Project #Hello2Moro’s team head to the land of clogs and windmills this December on DSTV.

The content fillers will document the story and experiences of three YES influencers: an illustrator and street artist Lazi ‘Greiispaces’ Mathebula, popular soulful singer and songwriter Tumelo Moloto, and UJ student Silindokuhle Mahlangu, as they travel halfway across the globe to showcase their work and perform live at the AfroVibes Festival, a celebration of theatre, dance, music, film and design from urban cultural hotspots in Africa, and gain valuable insight into the creative world of Amsterdam advertising during ADNIGHT.

The videos will be shown from 17 December, 2016 to 25 December on Vuzu Amp (103), Vuzu (116), Channel O (320), Mzansi Magic (161) and Mzansi Wethu (163).

Please view or download the full schedule.


  1. Good day I would like to be part of the project as I just won safe City award in doing projects in Khayelitsha and I am a first black female cricket umpire in the country I am a founder of khayelitsha modelling and I host Miss Khayelitsha and 2017 I will host Miss City of Cape town

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