Embracing the power of video as a content marketing tool is a key part of our focus on creating truly compelling stories for our clients. More than practically any other medium nowadays, video has the power to create powerful immersive experiences with immediacy, intimacy and genuine emotive appeal. We never forget that ultimately we’re talking to real people, with their own views, dreams and aspirations. It’s simply not enough to broadcast a product message anymore, our content has to spark conversation and connection. In a world where Facebook gets over 8 billion video views per day we’ve embraced video as a key point of departure from the old-school marketing so loathed by the Millenial generation.

Which is why we’re so lucky to have a company like Sugarstone Studios within The Whalley Collective. As an independent production company, they share our vision of creating and sharing  uniquely African stories, documenting real experiences while inspiring and entertaining. They’ve played a huge role in helping us forge connections with meaning, between our brands and the people we want to become part of their journey.

Their new showreel above demonstrates their emotion-driven, story-making approach perfectly.

For more Sugarstone Studios work visit https://vimeo.com/sugarstone


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