Our Philosophy


 Inspired to make a difference

We know your customers have aspirations and dreams, that they are emotional decision-makers who face daily challenges and choices, framed by their experiences and influenced by their world. We are driven to create work that makes meaningful connections with them – educating, inspiring and entertaining, adding value, always looking for ways to uplift their communities and care for our environment.

Creating powerful brand narratives

We love to craft brand stories that influence the way people think, act and feel, that capture the imagination, illustrate concepts, ignite passions and inspire belief.

What we believe

There’s a set of passionately held beliefs that inform our every process, the decisions we make and the skillsets we look to grow and acquire.


Great ideas are based on truth and insight

We can offer the greatest value when we have in-depth knowledge of your business and markets and a clear understanding of your consumers, their path to purchase, their needs, attitudes and emotional triggers. Trigger, our strategic team are positioned to forage, research and uncover the truths and insights that guide our creative teams.

Technology has the power to shape the narrative

The real-time conversations people now have with brands, the availability of rich data and the opportunity to interrupt with technology influence the way we develop communication. Our partnerships with technology providers enable us to create campaigns that work across social media, loyalty programmes, display advertising and e-commerce.

Design with depth and purpose

We see design as a problem-solving skill, and with an intimate understanding of the brand the message can be crafted into a powerful, creative visual story.

Africa is our future

Africa has 6 out of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world and the world’s youngest population, with 50% under the age of 20*. We see a new season for the Lion Continent. One of energy and optimism, colour and diversity, talent and opportunity. Young Africans are a powerful force for the future – connected, focussed and influential as they reinvent the continent’s cultures and consumption patterns.

*Source: Nielsen Africa’s Prospects Report 2015, UN, Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs. Instant Grass Africa Rising Report 2014.

Brands that do good, do better

In the new values economy relationships are more important than transactions. People are choosing companies that share their values. A brand that moves beyond functional benefit, adding personal and collective value to their customers’ communities, will do better business. This is particularly relevant in African markets where education, self-improvement and community wellbeing rank high as values. We look for ideas that give brands a greater purpose and add meaningful worth to their customers’ lives.

Good business makes good sense

We rely on strong partnerships with our clients to do our best work for them. These partnerships are based on mutual respect, fair exchange of value and good business principles. We promise to respect the trust and money placed in our care, to look for maximum efficiencies, to buy wisely on your behalf and to add value, always.

Culture is the key to creativity

We work hard to create an environment that nurtures inventiveness. Encouraging different perspectives whilst promoting team outputs, rewarding entrepreneurial thinking and ownership of projects, adding value and generating ideas for our clients. Open space, open collaboration, open minds. Not to mention great coffee.