The Whalley Collective and UFS reinvent ‘the fine art of fresh’

With the ‘real food’ and ‘farm to fork’ movements sweeping the world, and restaurant patrons increasingly opting for healthier meal choices, chefs are looking to crisp up their salad menus with fresh inspiration and flavour combinations that move beyond the traditional salad staples.

That was the thinking behind Beyond the Bowl, a 48-page salad recipe and trends book we developed for Unilever Food Solutions and the Hellmann’s range of signature salad dressings and mayonnaises.

Aimed at the trendy Hellmann’s chef operating a more craft-oriented, artisanal establishment who is looking to be a little more adventurous and creative with their salad offerings, Beyond the Bowl highlights some of the most current trends in salads, from ‘layering’ and ‘power bowls’ to the endless possibilities offered by incorporating so-called ‘ancient grains’ and pulses into salads. It’s about being fearless and experimenting with a wider range of darker greens, nuts, proteins and even fruits and berries to create truly intriguing textures and tastes.

57844 BeyondTheBowl_Book_OUT

We worked closely with Unilever Food Solutions’ in-house chefs who developed exclusive recipes highlighting the creative possibilities of each salad trend for chefs and showcased the Hellmann’s  range as the perfect way to bring out the unique flavour of every dish, and complementing their creations.

The meticulous preparation and assembly of each salad was shot over an intese 2 days in the Unilever kitchens with world-renowned food stylist Luisa Farelo for use both in Beyond the Bowl, and for time lapse video and digital content to be used for the online component of the UFS communication to food service professionals.


An award-winning sustainable print solution

To get the earthy feel we wanted (and to align with the passion of many young chefs for creating sustainable, ethically-sourced, planet-friendly menu items)  we printed on 100% recycled paper. Cocoon Offset is an innovative range of extra-white FSC certified 100% recycled papers from Arjowiggins Graphics. By using Cocoon Offset rather than a non-recycled paper, the environmental impact was reduced by 332kg of landfill, 9416 litres of water and 540kg of wood. UFS’ commitment to a greener future was recognised by paper suppplier Antalis at a ceremony held at Unilever head offices on 27 January.


From left to right: Mary Worthington, Regional Customer Chef – UFS SA; Justin Levitt, Hellmann’s Brand Manager – UFS SA; Andre Calmeyer, Business Development Manager – The Whalley Collective; Angela Alderton,  Antalis Brand Consultant KZN; Craig Rafferty-Marais,  Creative Director – The Whalley Collective; Bradley Kavanagh, Regional Customer Chef  – UFS SA.

Durban Country Club Executive Chef, Xanthos Giannakopoulos receiving his copy.

Photography: Patrick Royal Photography, Matt Black Photography

Styling: Luisa Farelo

Design and Art Direction: Craig Rafferty-Marais

Editorial: Patrick Hyland


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