championChampion digital content creation & marketing

The Original Champion Toffee is an iconic South African brand – ‘the BIG taste that lasts.’ However, the brand was somewhat out of touch with the energy and interest of younger consumers in the emerging market. The task was to reinvigorate Champion, adding relevance and appeal for a new market of young, brand-conscious, connected consumers, without losing the equity of the heritage status treasured by the existing older market.

We focused on the instantly-identifiable ‘Original’ essence of the brand and decided to shift it from the conventional ‘heritage/ pedigree’ connotations to celebrate the positive energy, and creativity of young township artists, innovators and entrepreneurs who are changing the face of Mzansi in their own unique way, aligning the Original South African toffee with these true #iKasiOriginals


An ongoing digital and social media campaign, centred around a content-rich blog platform where we commission young artists, musicians, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs to share their stories, tell people what inspires their creativity and identify people or qualities they admire as the spirit of #iKasiOriginal.



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