untitled-1Developing positioning and collateral for Foster Clark’s brands sold through distributors across Africa.

With the many cultural and language variations, as well as flavour preference and pack complexities, the brief was to build a unifying positioning for the brands and produce billboard and TVC collateral that would work across multiple African regions and cultures.

Trigger researched and generated cultural insights and common human truths that informed the positioning.

The creative team connected with in-region partners to examine culture, dress styles and occasion preferences before coordinating photo & TVC shoots that presented a unified brand feel that was sensitive to regional differences.


The Collective conceptualised and storyboarded TV commercials which were then produced by Sugarstone with Muslim, West African and North African styling. A series of region-specific end caps ensured pack and pay-off line relevance with 5 language variations adding a further layer of flexibility for client to mix and match material for different countries.

Country executions include:

West African English

  • West African Portuguese
  • West African French
  • Djibouti & Somali north & south (dialect variations)




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