The power of understanding customers

Decorland’s communication strategy – built on customer insight  

The focus of many a pitch is the creative idea. When Decorland invited us to partner with their business their interest was in how we would work with them and the process we would apply in developing a communication plan. By demonstrating our  robust strategic framework, we impressed upon the Decorland management team the importance of data analysis, customer insight and user experience mapping in arriving at a strong creative execution informed by a good understanding of their different customer personas and their purchase triggers. This supports our promise of Ideas with Soul – creative solutions that resonate with shoppers on an emotional and functional level.

As a specialist supplier of window décor (blinds and curtain accessories) and wall paper, available through all Game stores in Africa, Decorland caters to a broad market. We applied our Trigger strategic model to develop shopper archetypes for the décor aisle in Game.

A friendlier identity for a respected home décor brand

We softened the Decorland CI and added the line Express Your View to reflect the enjoyment of making one’s own décor decisions with an accessible DIY range.


After we were awarded the account, the next step was to bring our consumer  archetypes together with the Decorland range. A 2 day photo shoot utilising 4 customer stories captured the needs, aspiration and lifestyles of our different markets in moments of real intimacy. An important creative consideration was to ensure that the styling was inspirational but accessible and relevant to each archetype – who might otherwise be intimidated by high-end interior design cues.


The photography and story developed for each environment and need state is utilised in community newspaper inserts, ad spreads in lifestyle magazines, in-store elements and digital content.

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Sugarstone Studios – Telling stories and making connections

Embracing the power of video as a content marketing tool is a key part of our focus on creating truly compelling stories for our clients. More than practically any other medium nowadays, video has the power to create powerful immersive experiences with immediacy, intimacy and genuine emotive appeal. We never forget that ultimately we’re talking to real people, with their own views, dreams and aspirations. It’s simply not enough to broadcast a product message anymore, our content has to spark conversation and connection. In a world where Facebook gets over 8 billion video views per day we’ve embraced video as a key point of departure from the old-school marketing so loathed by the Millenial generation.

Which is why we’re so lucky to have a company like Sugarstone Studios within The Whalley Collective. As an independent production company, they share our vision of creating and sharing  uniquely African stories, documenting real experiences while inspiring and entertaining. They’ve played a huge role in helping us forge connections with meaning, between our brands and the people we want to become part of their journey.

Their new showreel above demonstrates their emotion-driven, story-making approach perfectly.

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“The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely.”

A warm welcome to our 5 brave new interns, who will be diving headfirst into the Collective to gain priceless experience and invaluable insights into the advertising industry.

We’re hiring!

As our Implementation Designer you’ll be a vital part of the Studio Engine Room in a Durban-based agency with high-profile client base. Your 2 (or more) years of agency experience  has given you the solid, proven design skills and keen eye for detail that we’ll be relying on when you roll-out creative across a range of media and formats, getting it right first time, every time.